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A new from for our collection: Saarema valss (or Valss Saaremaalt = Waltz from Saaremaa). Free and reusable (libre!) score here:
Videos of this lovely traditional walts:
- by Johanna-Adele Jüssi (violin)
- by Kristi Kool (estonian accordion)

For those who like to make music with code, here's Harmonicon! A blend of an IDE and a DAW, running in the browser!
And of course - it's open-source :)
#FOSS #Libre #OpenSource #MusicProduction

#looptober day 25

Thinking about: melody. the opening to Appalachian spring. transformation.

Breathy alto in the morning
Confident tenor in the afternoon
Grounded bass in the evening
Misunderstood were-bot by midnight

#voxtober #vocalsynthesis

Qualche giorno fa ho ascoltato i bellissimi campioni messi a disposizione da @monviolon e il brano "Un jour m'y prend l'envie" mi ha subito colpito. Ho campionato il mio Michelsonne, manipolato un po' di cose e ho catturato questa registrazione. Mica si sente che mi piace Yann Tiersen?

Interesting fact of the day: The term "patching" software originates from the fact that you would literally patch holes in early hole punch input in order to fix an issue. Attached is a picture with such patches on it from the Harvard Mark I computer.

Please, don't panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been published on October 12, 1979.

Exactly 42 years ago 🙊

I will now publish my recordings with their sources (files before mixing) here:

Created only with love and free software then published under free licenses so that you can reuse them for your own creations.

Let me know if you have fun with this!

Ciao a tutti!
Ora pubblicherò registrazioni di musica tradizionale (acustica) con le loro fonti, cioè la canzone + le tracce audio di ogni strumento.
Quindi tutto è pronto per essere dirottato e remixato!
È qui: (guardate i "Danses de couple" per capire).
Licenze libere
Fatemi sapere se vi divertite con questo!

The Racoon, music from Russia. Why not.
"Pêche aux moules / Пешомуль" is not a realy free/libre album but free/gratis: -by-nc-sa

Complete butts! #MastoArt

If anyone would like to buy a digital print of this ($5 USD, a high res image file for you to download and print), let me know, and I'll scan it :)


There's 86 images in there so far - frames, borders, dividers, random ornamentation, illustrated letters.

It's free, but you can also leave a tip ^.^

I'll add more as I trace more things :)

#MastoArt #ArtReference #CC0

I created a bunch of ornamention exercises for traditional ornaments in mainly Balkan folk music. Releasing them for free because I consider myself a Balkan traditional folk ambassador.
Fingerings are for piano accordion, but the exercises can be played on any instrument, basically.
#balkanfolk #music #accordion #folk #traditional

finally a good alternative to #GoogleTranslator #Free and #OpenSource Machine Translation API. 100% #selfhosted, no limits, no ties to proprietary services. Built on top of #ArgosTranslate.

I've been playing this waltz for 25 years without getting tired of it. Here is Astrid Waltz updated for our collection.
Listen to this beautiful version by Tamatakia, 1996:

New in the : the transcription of Babeth's waltz. Easy to play on a diatonic button accordion: you need only 3 fingers for the first part and 4 for the second part. Only one row.

Since we now have 6 videos for Harglla's folkband, I made a dedicated channel :
And this image made of an estonian accordion and the colors of the traditional local skirt.

I'm planing to make a list of songs i could play for an acoustic solo perfomrance (violin+voice), without the help of a loop pedal. To help me think about it, I make quick records.
First one:

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