[DOMENICA] Mon violon (Il mio #violino) è una raccolta di partiture libere e gratuite (e di registrazioni) soprattutto di danze popolari e brani per violino: monviolon.org/en/
Nell'audio in allegato "Allons voir" un esempio di cercle circassien. I contenuti del sito sono distribuiti con licenza #ArtLibre; è presente anche su #Mastodon: @monviolon Cosa volete di più? 😀 #DanzePopolari #Musica #balli @maupao @goofy @lealternative @filippodb @funkcastmusicwhale

Because today, as a mandolin teacher, I had a new student from Ukraine who plays the 4-string , I am documenting about this instrument. I found this page that gives a slightly longer overview than Wikipedia:

@onlmaps Why/how is this data? etc. but anyway what I immediately think is that the choice of colours is perhaps inappropriate for this question: 23% or 31% is green... like it's ok!?

Monviolon is now partially translated into .
The home page is correct (translated by a native speaker). The rest is more random for the moment.
By the way, do anyone knows any Estonian speakers on the fediverse?
I haven't found an active account yet (I'll have to convert some Estonians IRL…)

I've decided to try something weird. I've recently decided to go ahead and record an album myself. And so I made a quick website to share the things I've recorded so far in their unfinished state as a way of letting people in on progress as it happens. What do y'all think?


Teaser: I'm working on the ultimate version of "The Bear Dance" because we're still here to have fun. Be patient, it will take time.

If you want to support me to release more free repertoire and make music videos more often: liberapay.com/MonViolon/donate

As a reminder, the last "big" video (at least long to make) was exode.me/w/muyT4HVJHkhcVTfsqen

Kisses 😗

I knew the sound from a CD we have at home. Now I'm discovering the image and it's not bad either 😆
Piimanaiste polka ("Milkwoman's polka" I think) by Svjata Vatra, an Estonian-Ukrainian band.
I started to collect the discographic references:
but it's late, I'll write the score tomorrow…

I will now publish my recordings with their sources (files before mixing) here:


Created only with love and free software then published under free licenses so that you can reuse them for your own creations.

Let me know if you have fun with this!

@tixie ah ah. The same for the LaTeX-like music notation : I did it once (it doesn't work 100% but it's not bad) and since then I don't dare touch my configuration files. 😜

GPL is basically the software equivalent of Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Those who have a problem with it do so because they don’t want to share alike.

They want to take but not give.

So you decide how you feel about that.

A new from for our collection: Saarema valss (or Valss Saaremaalt = Waltz from Saaremaa). Free and reusable (libre!) score here: monviolon.org/en/bibliotheque/
Videos of this lovely traditional walts:
- by Johanna-Adele Jüssi (violin) yewtu.be/watch?v=Xn8O6c4MdYI
- by Kristi Kool (estonian accordion) yewtu.be/watch?v=qgcykkBuIaU

@aleloi Ciao a te! ti auguro un buon tempo sul fediverso! 👋 (da un francese in Estonia)

For those who like to make music with code, here's Harmonicon! A blend of an IDE and a DAW, running in the browser!
And of course - it's open-source :)
#FOSS #Libre #OpenSource #MusicProduction

#looptober day 25

Thinking about: melody. the opening to Appalachian spring. transformation.

Breathy alto in the morning
Confident tenor in the afternoon
Grounded bass in the evening
Misunderstood were-bot by midnight

#voxtober #vocalsynthesis

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