I will now publish my recordings with their sources (files before mixing) here:


Created only with love and free software then published under free licenses so that you can reuse them for your own creations.

Let me know if you have fun with this!

There is two new pieces by Piano Dom posted on MonViolon for the collection :
I particularly like the scottische "L'automne se fout de l'été".

Today's thought: it will take some time because I'm busy with other activities but I'll release this recording (when finished: violin/accordion duet) and the following ones under or license (as you wish) *with uncompressed sources*: separate tracks, without corrections. This will facilitate reuse (adding instruments, ...)
Does this kind of project already exist? Free audio album with source files?
That seems to be the best choice for me anyway.

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I think I like "La valse de Juliard". On the diatonic G-C, in C (must have a G#) you can do a lot of kitschy-cute stuff including "C D E F" with the bass.
I play A part twice but I'm not sure I'll keep this option.
I decided on 198 bpm, a compromise between the musical groove (a bit slower) and the valse musette for dancing (a bit faster).

First little audio file's here : monviolon.org/telechargements/

A minuet by Telemann for harpsichord played by two violins (as if there weren't enough pieces for violins… yes, I know). 😋
Piece often playable from the second year of violin study.
PDF, audio file and links here:

Hop! Here's a nice music from Center-France for our :
"Le petit pied" (I traducet "Little Foot" because... why not?) that the fiddler Henri Tournadre sang, not being able to play the violin anymore. I found it in the book "Les violons de l'Artense" by Jean-Marc Delaunay (AMTA, 1999).

Good surprise this morning: my has been used to illustrate a video:
Don't hesitate to use it also (free art Licence and/or ) I put the pieces here usually:

project: update (sources, pdf, svj) of "Hopser valtser", perhaps composed by J. Matto, of whom I know nothing except that he published this waltz in in 1879.
Use it all, it's again under license !


New tune for our collection: "Savikua veneläse", a little-known version of "Savikoja venelane" (that Estonian trad dancers know).
Collected in Hargla (south Estonia) played on violin by Ott Laas (born in 1870).
It will make sense to play it with our Hargla folkband !


Suboota, in Vol. 9 is an Estonian dance on a song presumably of Russian origin.
I have just made the svg file and updated the biblio and pdf.

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