A new from for our collection: Saarema valss (or Valss Saaremaalt = Waltz from Saaremaa). Free and reusable (libre!) score here: monviolon.org/en/bibliotheque/
Videos of this lovely traditional walts:
- by Johanna-Adele Jüssi (violin) yewtu.be/watch?v=Xn8O6c4MdYI
- by Kristi Kool (estonian accordion) yewtu.be/watch?v=qgcykkBuIaU

I've been playing this waltz for 25 years without getting tired of it. Here is Astrid Waltz updated for our collection.
Listen to this beautiful version by Tamatakia, 1996:

New in the : the transcription of Babeth's waltz. Easy to play on a diatonic button accordion: you need only 3 fingers for the first part and 4 for the second part. Only one row.

There is two new pieces by Piano Dom posted on MonViolon for the collection :
I particularly like the scottische "L'automne se fout de l'été".

Hop! Here's a nice music from Center-France for our :
"Le petit pied" (I traducet "Little Foot" because... why not?) that the fiddler Henri Tournadre sang, not being able to play the violin anymore. I found it in the book "Les violons de l'Artense" by Jean-Marc Delaunay (AMTA, 1999).

Just revised for your collection,
Kikkapuu (perhaps unrelated but it is the name of the spindle, a little tree; puu = tree, kikka, from kukk = rooster).
Traditionally played and danced in Seto country (the ), south Estonia, this tune actually comes from the theme of "Picador-Marsch", by the German violinist and composer Max Oscheit (1880-1923).

project: update (sources, pdf, svj) of "Hopser valtser", perhaps composed by J. Matto, of whom I know nothing except that he published this waltz in in 1879.
Use it all, it's again under license !


New tune for our collection: "Savikua veneläse", a little-known version of "Savikoja venelane" (that Estonian trad dancers know).
Collected in Hargla (south Estonia) played on violin by Ott Laas (born in 1870).
It will make sense to play it with our Hargla folkband !


Suboota, in Vol. 9 is an Estonian dance on a song presumably of Russian origin.
I have just made the svg file and updated the biblio and pdf.

Since I live in Estonia, I also play Estonian music... or maybe it's the other way around, I don't know.
Part of the project, Nõianeitsi exode.me/videos/watch/a5f3dcae
Edited using free softwares

Another traditional polka for the collection: "Tauno Aho’s Polka" also called "Taho". It's a polka in minor from Finland.
I discorved it played by the finnish band Enkel:

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