What natural instrument without special knowledge?
I did (easy, you have to make one if you haven't tried it yet) exode.me/w/fuTBAecw6k67zz53Zco
Now a !
I'm an expert (no), tell me how you did it yourself!
1st try in *Viburnum opulus* (Sambucus or lilac are easy to use too) ⇒ wood too soft for clean bevel but it works.
2nd try: I drill ⌀10 in *Prunus padus* and then sand to make a nice blind pipe.

The easiest way is to saw (hacksaw) to notch at 90° and 45° (start with that). As I had already done it and because I saw flute-a-bec.com/acoustique-emb 🤩 I wanted to test with the mini chisel + scalpel. took care of my block (probably ridiculous details here but hey, why not?).
Window 7×7mm (too long).
Vinyl glue, I adjusted the position of the block by testing. FUUUT!
I wait for it to dry a bit…

1h. The glue is not dry but it does not move any more. I cut off the excess, I sand. That's it. Soft sound, quite low because the tube is closed.
To be improved:
- don't hesitate to throw away when the drill goes at an angle.
- use a thinner wood for a better bevel (in Estonia Juniper or Prunus cerasifera)
- Smaller window: 5mm should fit with my 10mm drill.
- test open tube with "extensions" with holes! 🎵

So, how does work for you?

Finaly I added an extention to my so that it sounds lower and can play two notes.
The form looks a bit absurd now but easy to handle.
This gave me the idea 💡 to make a new one from a single piece of wood (a branch with a fork) 🤔

And this second 2-notes whistle sounds like that (almost E - G).

New for testing new things (windway higher than the bevel, use lilac and what if I leave the bark on ?)
3 notes : G, A, B.


I finally added one hole to my , which allowed me to play 3 more notes!

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