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I produce collections, recordings and videos of on

A flagship project is the : repertoire of popular dance music.

I only use free software - (including …) and sleepless nights.

You can support me on

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I think I've pretty much finished Marc Perrone's discography on the website.
All I have to do now is to reference the pieces...

I just made this video to help (hopefully) learn "The Foggy Dew" on the violin. You can try it even if you are new to this instrument. It's simple and pleasant to play.

Good surprise this morning: my has been used to illustrate a video:
Don't hesitate to use it also (free art Licence and/or ) I put the pieces here usually:

Musicians of the fediverse, what's the latest stuff you released?

How did people react to it?

Do you have the feeling you promoted it well?

Just revised for your collection,
Kikkapuu (perhaps unrelated but it is the name of the spindle, a little tree; puu = tree, kikka, from kukk = rooster).
Traditionally played and danced in Seto country (the ), south Estonia, this tune actually comes from the theme of "Picador-Marsch", by the German violinist and composer Max Oscheit (1880-1923).

I wish I could be as cool as Suzanne Ciani in this photograph.

Mi piace questo nuovo slogan (?) di @LaQuadrature, un'associazione che difende le libertà digitali: "Le futur reviendra" (il futuro ritornerà).
Anche l'illustrazione, associata a questa frase, è bella.

Added 3 melodies in my database. Two "an dro" I listen to since I was 4 years old on a 1973 Diaouled ar Menez 7" Vinyl:
And the "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau" / "Bro gozh ma zadoù":
It seems easy but it involves searching for occurrences, adding a book, its author, a composer, two places and a lot of variations of melodies: 4 hours of work.
Transcriptions remain to be done but it usually goes fast.
The visual of the record is so deliciously ... 🌼 ☮️ 🎸

project: update (sources, pdf, svj) of "Hopser valtser", perhaps composed by J. Matto, of whom I know nothing except that he published this waltz in in 1879.
Use it all, it's again under license !

This is super cool. Tom Lehrer put all his songs—music and lyrics—up for free:

Domanda reale (forse importante): Vedo molti link di youtube (brutti come lo sai) su Stereodon, ma conosci qualche peertube dedicato alla musica? Ho trovato solo
E tu che mi dici?

Real (maybe important) question: I see a lot of youtube links (nasty as you know) on stereodon but do you know any peertube instances dedicated to music? I only found (where I opened an account but I can change).

For your music, your audio or video projects, I record from time to time some acoustic sounds that I put here:
Credit MonViolon or not but I'd be glad if it is used for free projects, for example , etc.

"Nellätands" (collected in 1936 in our estonian village) and the famous bear dance (translated here as "karutants"), of which I found no trace until the 1970s but which remains a hit in the French folk scene.
Better video quality for this one (1920×1080: true HD).

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New tune for our collection: "Savikua veneläse", a little-known version of "Savikoja venelane" (that Estonian trad dancers know).
Collected in Hargla (south Estonia) played on violin by Ott Laas (born in 1870).
It will make sense to play it with our Hargla folkband !

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