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I produce collections, recordings and videos of on

A flagship project is the : repertoire of popular dance music.

I only use free software - (including …) and sleepless nights.

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"Nellätands" (collected in 1936 in our estonian village) and the famous bear dance (translated here as "karutants"), of which I found no trace until the 1970s but which remains a hit in the French folk scene.
Better video quality for this one (1920×1080: true HD).

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New tune for our collection: "Savikua veneläse", a little-known version of "Savikoja venelane" (that Estonian trad dancers know).
Collected in Hargla (south Estonia) played on violin by Ott Laas (born in 1870).
It will make sense to play it with our Hargla folkband !

I just received (phone) videos of the concert on which I can put my sound. It's low definition (576x320) but it gives an idea of the atmosphere.

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Second piece from the concert without wind noise:
1) Lounez (composed Gilles Floury from Bretagne)
2) Siberi setode lugu (traditional, from Siberian Seto people).

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Saturday, local folk band concert, open air. Computer-phones filmed. The sound was picked up with a dictaphone. Use for removing the wind:
- Duplicate the track, on 1st keep the high-mid frequencies, on 2d, the bass (cut at 200Hz).
- Keep only the cleanest bass channel (here the left) as a mono track.
- When there is still wind on a sequence, replace it by a similar sequence taken elsewhere, only for the bass.
listen to the result:

Karobuška is another russian melody used in estonian's repertory.
Also named Korobeinki, you probably know this tune as the "A theme" of Tetris (on Game boy)!

I added a "film" category to my database for the occurrences of the songs and drew the little icon that goes with it.
Useful for example for John Ryan's Polka that can be heard in Cameron's "Titanic".

Suboota, in Vol. 9 is an Estonian dance on a song presumably of Russian origin.
I have just made the svg file and updated the biblio and pdf.

Since I live in Estonia, I also play Estonian music... or maybe it's the other way around, I don't know.
Part of the project, Nõianeitsi
Edited using free softwares

Attività domenicale: restauro di un piccolo (1/4) di tipo "economico" della mia scuola di musica:
- nuovi fori per le corde sui piroli
- accorciamento delle piroli
- gesso + sapone secco in modo che i piroli girino facilmente senza scivolare troppo
- trucco per i graffi (acquerelli + smalto trasparente per unghie)
Non ho un nuovo ponte di queste dimensioni, ma non sarebbe un lusso farlo di nuovo...

Nella mia testa per l'ultima settimana, quel tipo di sequenza di note. L'ho registrato come promemoria. Buonanotte.

Before being the "king of the orchestra", the violin is a popular instrument. It is necessary to remind it from time to time 😏
The secret for a good sound is the player… not the varnish.
Making a fake old violin from a cheap instrument:

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