Hope a good soul upload this book in libgen one day. It's very useful for music students, but too expensive


Impro with a part of a papaya tree turned into a big clarinet without finger holes.

A new auditory illusion was described by researchers, the Audiovisual Time-Flow Illusion:


I love the LMMS's kick synth. I wish it exists as a standalone or lv2 plugin version.

Tomorrow starts an event hosted by scholar.social. It's an informal online conference about several topics, I'm looking forward to watch it, specially the ones about music and sound. Here is the link with more information: summerschool.scholar.social/20

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Two things I forgot: classes start in September and boosts are appreciated.

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Finally, here my name in the list, happily among the other admitted candidates.

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About the Master's degree: my project is to write about two great and underrated composers: Heitor Villa-Lobos, from Brazil, and Zhu Jian'er, from China. I intend to analyze how their particular cultural contexts contribute to create unique styles of modern music influenced by popular cultures and also how their legacy can reveal new paths for contemporary concert music.

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For direct donations via Paypal:


You can also buy my works on Bandcamp:



And I accept commissions for composing musical works, soundtracks. Also audio editing works and sound design.

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Hello everyone! I'm a Brazilian composer and music student. Recently I received the news that I was granted with a full scholarship to do a Master's degree in China (at Nanjing University of the Arts). Unfortunately the scholarship doesn't cover the flight from Brazil to China and even saving money and working hard I can't afford it. So, as a last resort, I decided to ask for support here. Any kind of support is welcomed: donations, jobs, etc. Details below >>

For years I had a version of Sweet Lorraine in my head and I couldn't remember where I had listened it. Now I finally found it, by chance:


Although I don't like nationalist ideas, I'm always glad to see that Italian ppl like Brazilian music

#OtD 2 Jul 1951 trans revolutionary icon and sex worker of Puerto Rican & Venezuelan descent, Sylvia Rivera, was born in the Bronx, NY. She was a leading figure in the gay liberation movt of the 60s-70s & powerful critic of its middle-class leadership workingclasshistory.com/2019/0

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