I was listening to random songs and the player played The Beatles' And I love her. I always skip this song, but this time I listened it and actually it's a beautiful song.

#Food prices (e.g. wheat) have been going through the roof lately, and this cannot be explained by supply and demand rules only.
New investigation finds that market speculation is contributing to global #FoodSecurity crisis

A sincere question to experimental musicians: how do you make money?

"... a world we could easily build differently" #graeber

#mastodon Instances overview: Open project to empower the Fediverse to run on servers with renewable energy and creating awareness for a sustainable development of it.


Great songs that use environmental sounds that probably weren't recorded for that purpose?
Just listened to Mpho Sebina's Mokoro for the first time, love the use of water: youtube.com/watch?v=V1u-XsB04q
But many of my fave songs do something similar. Off the top of my head:
* gravel walk in EZ3kiel's Akik
* table tennis in Flylo and Darlington's "Table Tennis"
* basketball court in Memory Tapes' Treeship

Can you think of others? It's like my #music equivalent of intense single-shots in movies... 💓 😭

It's live!

HTML and CSS simple tips and tricks for your website. :cooldog:

The goal is to help you with easy tricks to make the HTML of your website accessible, readable by everyone and optimized for low bandwidth. I cover a LOT of things in these 20+ pages of text and I still need to add one or two more.

I'll share some parts in the next days, thanks for everyone who took time to proofread this huge beast. :tealheart: #theWorkshop


In some way, Urszula Dudziak improvisation reminds me this one by Hermeto Pascoal:


Ossia looks cool.

A free and open-source sequencer

Control and score any #OSC compliant software or hardware: #MaxMSP #PureData, #openFrameworks #Processing


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