Protests in all of biggest town's in Poland against restricted abortion law.

The Polish constitutional court stated that eugenic abortion is unconstitutional, so women will not be allowed to undergo this procedure. So we have the strictest abortion law in all of Europe. :_storm: :mestruo:

Hi everyone!
I was create account on Mastodon because I love this emoticons :ancomheart: :anarchy: :ancom: :antifa: :black_bloc_blob: :commie: :cannabis: :chad: :heart_sp_pan: :heart_trans: :mestruo: :oppose: :papa_ok: :sparkles_trans: :transgender_flag: è un social network autogestito e open source dedicato alla musica.
Stanchi di scambiarci informazioni tramite sistemi eticamente in contrasto con i nostri principi, abbiamo deciso di dar vita a questa istanza.
Siamo convinti che slegare la diffusione di musica da logiche competitive, possa favorire il fare comunità, quindi un maggiore e più sincero scambio di informazioni.

[ENG] is a self-managed social network devoted to underground music.
Tired of exchanging information through systems that are ethically in contrast to our principles, we decided to give life to this instance.
We are convinced that unlink the diffusion of music from competitive logics can favor making communities, therefore a greater and more sincere exchange of information.

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