artificial nudity 

and darkness was over the surface of the deep

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Learning how to use OBS to record VLC (with effects) playing an other instance of OBS recording the own desktop showing a movie in Parole Media Player. On the desktop we have 2x OSB and VLC too.

If it is not clear what i mean, please watch this video.

danke! pardon for not adding a cw, is it not possible to edit a toot?

artificial nudity 

"all the other self censored input prompts except this one"

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A startup is just a variant of the basic core viral Silicon Valley genome with minor changes to its spike protein.

Proposal to call the critical study of the spread of surveillance capitalism digital epidemiology.

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Get off Facebook. Get off every Facebook service. Block Facebook. Don't work for Facebook. Don't provide services to Facebook. Find every way you can to get them out of your life and support others in doing the same.

They are ethically indefensible.

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«‘Scenes of horror’ as torrential rains flood Marseille with water-swept trash
Heavy rains swept across much of southern France between Sunday and Monday, inundating the city of Aix-en-Provence and leaving France’s second-largest city Marseille under a blanket of trash that had piled up on the streets following a rubbish-collector strike.»

Show older è un social network autogestito e open source dedicato alla musica.
Stanchi di scambiarci informazioni tramite sistemi eticamente in contrasto con i nostri principi, abbiamo deciso di dar vita a questa istanza.
Siamo convinti che slegare la diffusione di musica da logiche competitive, possa favorire il fare comunità, quindi un maggiore e più sincero scambio di informazioni.

[ENG] is a self-managed social network devoted to underground music.
Tired of exchanging information through systems that are ethically in contrast to our principles, we decided to give life to this instance.
We are convinced that unlink the diffusion of music from competitive logics can favor making communities, therefore a greater and more sincere exchange of information.

languages accepted: Italian, English (for moderation reasons)

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